lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Imagine: Estamos Hasta La Madre (We Have Had It)

Agradecemos a John Randolph por este post

8 de Mayo

Imagine the good people of Mexico doing a hybrid version of “going Egyptian” on both the Mexican and U.S. governments.
Imagine them “going Egyptian” on both governments because both governments are simultaneously responsible for creating the nightmare that these good people and the good people of America are living within.
Yes, imagine “going Egyptian” on both governments because both governments are unwilling to do what is necessary to resolve the nightmare.
Imagine the good people of America, including American citizens and America's undocumented, joining the honorable people of Mexico in this struggle.
Imagine the good people of Mexico peacefully making 2AM wake up calls not only to the Mexican government but to its enabling American government compadre too. Imagine the deep slumber and dream world that they will be awoken from.
Imagine U.S. Asylum as being the road that the good people of Mexico will take in order to shake both governments from their normal catatonic state of being. Imagine supporting millions upon millions of Mexicans showing up on America’s door steps and legally asking for help via U.S. asylum.
Imagine this taking place not only at all U.S. ports of entry, but also at all interior immigration offices across the USA too.
Imagine this: Mexicans have the right to apply for US asylum because their own government cannot protect them from cartel narco violence. Isn't it ironic that they can legally apply for help to the same country that co- created the nightmare that they are living in?
Imagine millions of Mexicans in Mexico lining up at the immigration offices all along the border.

Imagine millions of undocumented Mexicans already living in the U.S. lining up at immigration offices across the interior of the U.S. Imagine the human tsunami and how their heart-driven response will bring world wide attention to both governments.
Imagine millions of people saying to both governments: “estamos hasta la madre”, or "we have had it".
Imagine all of the families and supporters of these people protesting at the same time. Imagine all of the people who “estan hasta la madre” or who "have had it” with the failure of these two governments to address immigration and drug enforcement policies that are killing people and ruining both countries.
Imagine what message this will send to the world.
Imagine what the U.S. government will do. How will they prepare the millions of applications on all of these people? Where and how will they keep all these asylees in custody? Will they release these people on bond? Will they have to release them on their own recognizance because they can’t afford to keep them in custody? How will the US pay for all of this?
Imagine the U.S. government taking responsibility for its own citizens' addictions and abuses of illegal drugs.

Imagine the U.S. government taking responsibility for its inability and/or refusal to control the flow of automatic weapons going into Mexico from the U.S. Imagine the U.S. government telling the truth about how NAFTA has damaged the Mexican economy. Imagine the U.S. government admitting that America actually needs Mexican labor.
Imagine how embarrassed the Mexican government will be when their own people give up hope and turn for help to the American government. How will this affect Mexican foreign trade and investments? How will this affect their egos?
Imagine that instead of being used by the gringo government, the good people of Mexico can use the gringo government's laws to help protect themselves.
Imagine how both governments will appear in the eyes of the rest of the world. Will they now be shamed into addressing the narco violence, corruption, poverty, joblessness, drug addiction and failed immigration and drug enforcement policies that they have ignored for so long?
Imagine how ironic it will be that the horrible violence, corruption and greed that cause so much pain and suffering in Mexico will create Mexico’s very own pathway to freedom.
Imagine that the time has come where both governments have to take responsibility for their own failures to take care of their own citizens.
Imagine the average US middle class taxpayer no longer having to pay the medical and educational costs that the Mexican government refuses to pay for its own citizens living here. Imagine the average US middle class taxpayers not having to be subjugated to the political rhetoric and anti-immigrant propaganda which blinds them to the real culprits behind their loss of jobs and wasted tax dollars.
Imagine world pressure causing the U.S. and Mexican governments to stop their hypocrisy and “clean up their acts”.
Imagine the U.S. no longer being able to preach on one hand about the values of protecting human life and human rights, while on the other turning a blind eye to its Mexican economic partner who violates those same values.
Imagine: no longer will the Mexican elite be able to avoid taking responsibility for providing decent working wages and safe living conditions for its own people.
Imagine narco terrorists not being able to practice their murderous insanity. Imagine such terror being snuffed out like a poisonous bug being smashed by a sledge hammer forged out of human dignity.
Imagine the U.S. elite no longer being able to use the poverty stricken from Mexico as a sub-class of expendable human labor.
Imagine Washington no longer being able to hide behind the drug war as a way to turn a blind eye to the horrific human suffering taking place in Mexico.
Just imagine: the American and Mexican elite have made their own beds, now they will have to lie in them too.
Imagine the Mexican government providing a human living wage and security for the good Mexican people.
Imagine the U.S. government legalizing drugs and stopping the flow of guns to Mexico.
Imagine the U.S. government creating an immigration system that worked to the best interest of all involved.
Imagine both countries respectfully living in peace. Imagine the good people of both countries ending poverty and living in prosperity.
Imagine both governments being put in a position to do the right thing. Imagine them doing the right thing.
Imagine that the nightmare is over.

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