viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Urgent Request for Support of Kidnapped Family Members of Slain Juárez Activist, Josefina Reyes.

Dear Mexico Readers,

Before spelling out this action request, I wanted to thank every one of you who wrote letters in support of last week’s all night peace vigil and fast for justice in Ciudad Juárez. Your support really helped.

All together, the organizers of a growing Juárez peace and justice coalition received more than 2,000 letters from around the world. This raised spirits among those camped out in central Juárez and put both local and national authorities on notice that their actions were being watched by thousands of eyes across Mexico and internationally.

But violent repression has not ended and your direct help is again being urgently requested in the kidnapping cases of Malena Reyes, Elías Reyes and Luisa Ornelas Soto, Elias' wife.

All three are relatives of Josefina Reyes, a prominent anti-militarization activist in Valle de Juárez who was assassinated in 2010.

Peace and justice organizations in the region have issued statements saying they fear for the lives of all three and are calling on everyone to distribute the following report and write letters to the authorities demanding their safe release.

These recent forced disappearances take place in the context of threats and attacks against the Reyes family since several years ago, when human rights defender, Josefina Reyes, became an outspoken critic of the state of impunity in Chihuahua and military abuses. She was assassinated on January 3, 2010. On August 18, 2010 her brother, Ruben Reyes, was also assassinated. Both cases remain unresolved.

A translation of the alert issued in México and further background information has been made available.

Send a letter to the Mexican authorities to denounce the kidnapping and demand the immediate appearance of Magdalena Maria Reyes, Elias Reyes and his wife, Luisa Ornelas Soto alive.

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